Canadian Tuxedo

Happy weekend everyone! If you're like me you are spending the majority of the day out enjoying this sunshine and warm weather while sneezing your brains out (ugh the allergies are hurting me!). This morning I went for a nice long walk throughout Greenpoint with Chris and Rocko before the neighborhood got too overly crowded on this fine Saturday.

j.crew tee asos sunglasses dog1.JPG
zara denim jacket j.crew tee close up2.JPG

Dressed in my finest denim pairing, don't ya think? I don't think I've worn a Canadian Tuxedo since I have 10 years old...but I kind of love this. I just picked up this denim jacket from Zara the other day. The distressed seams are my favorite part of this piece!

Brooklyn Watertower.JPG

Have a great weekend! Get out there and enjoy the weather...because it's just downhill tomorrow.

Womp womp!

I Heart NYC

As many of you know I have lived in NYC for quite some time. Chris and I even moved away for a few years and moved back. I thought it would be fun to tell you my top ten favorite things to do in NYC.

sweater- J.Crew, jeans- Highline Collective available at Lord & Taylor,  booties- ASOS

sweater- J.Crew, jeans- Highline Collective available at Lord & Taylor, booties- ASOS

1. The best food you can imagine. Also, any food you can imagine!

2. Walking along the waterfront in Brooklyn and overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

3. All the fun events! For instance, next weekend I'm going to a croissant tasting event with my friend Rachel. I mean, where else do you get to do fun and random stuff like that?

4. Sample sales! These are always going on (and typically a lot of them happen near my office in Midtown) and you can get the most amazing deals. If you haven't been to one before you gotta check one out!

5. NYC has amazing coffee shops. I was talking to a friend over the holidays when we were both back home visiting our parents and we said that coffee culture is definitely something our hometown is lacking. Here in NYC you can find some seriously amazing spots for a caffeine fix.

6. Dog parks are the best. They are definitely one of Rocko's favorite places in the city. We spend a lot of our time there during the spring and summer.

7. New York Fashion Week is one of the perks about living here. I can attend events and shows as they fit into my schedule which is great. I cannot wait for NYFW next month!

8. You might not think that farmer's markets in a city are any good...but they are so amazing!

9. As much as I hate the subway sometimes, easy access to public transportation is great. It gets you where you want to be super fast (when there aren't delays that is!).

10. THE CULTURE!!! On any given day I can go to a museum or see a Broadway show or soak up some local history.

What do you love most about NYC?!?!

Thinking Spring

This weekend has me dreaming of spring!

plaid coat- She + Sky,  sparkle high top sneakers- Vans ,  tee- H&M , jeans- Highline Collective, hat and sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

plaid coat- She + Sky, sparkle high top sneakers- Vans, tee- H&M, jeans- Highline Collective, hat and sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

The beautiful blue sky, pretty flowers at every bodega I pass, and almost 60 degree temps make me think that we have gotten (almost) through winter without much snow. Hooray! All this paired with some bright colors (can you believe I'm not in black?!), have made me feel super cheery and excited for my three day weekend.

My day kicked off with a lovely walk around my neighborhood, a stop at a local bakery for an amazing sweet treat for breakfast (I had a passion fruit donut...need I say more?!?!), and some fun photos while I soaked in the sun.

So last weekend I picked up this adorable coat at a local boutique in Williamsburg. I walked into the store for a candle and saw this beauty on the sale rack. The last one. Marked half off! When I went to the register the girl working there told me how much she loved this coat and was hoping it would hang around until her boss would finally gift it to her. I left there apologizing...but, sorry not sorry! I absolutely love it!

And then there are these sparkle sneakers! Another great find that I got for half off at a local shop in my hood. Okay, I'm not going to lie, I wish they had my size...these are 1/2 a size smaller than I normally wear. But they were too cute to pass up!

I bet you all didn't think I would stick to my new year's resolution of trying to wear some brighter and bolder colors. As you can see, I'm really trying to stick to it!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

France Forever In My Heart

Fall is definitely in the air, which means I get to wear jackets again on these chilly mornings! Yay! I seriously couldn't be happier. Now if it would just stay in the 60's all year long...

I have been searching high and low for the perfect army green utility jacket and I randomly came across it at Crossroads Trading Co. You know I love a good you know I was jumping for joy when I snagged this jacket for only $13.50! The most exciting thing is that it is still on Target's website (for $39.99) so you can get it too!

I stopped by the opening launch party for the new Birdcage Shop at Lord & Taylor earlier this week. This French inspired shop was absolutely adorable and left me longing for another trip back to Paris. French chocolates, berets, and cute clothing with French sayings on them were everywhere. You know I love everything French...the food, the art, the fashion. I can't believe that at this time a year ago we were in Paris. How time flies!

I was really excited to see that the fabulous customizing company Bow & Drape were a part of it. I found this super cute bandana that I customized with a cute beaded heart. Don't you love it?

My pup Rocko wanted to show off his fun scarf too! Matching his mommy in red and stripes! Isn't he so handsome???

I'd love to know, what are your favorite trends for fall???

'70s Vibes

I never wear anything high waisted, bell bottomed, or even pants for that matter! However, when I came across these adorable bell bottoms this past week at Lord & Taylor I had to pick them up. They are so super comfy and have some great stretch to them.

With the rain on the way I thought an extra long walk with my pup this morning was necessary. Gotta tire the little guy out while I can as he'll be spending much of the weekend indoors. So a stroll to the south side of Williamsburg was on the agenda.

What do you all think of bell bottom pants making a comeback? I'm kind of in love with '70s fashion at the moment (maybe it's all of those old episodes of Three's Company I have been watching lately) I say bring them on! I mean you can't wear skinny jeans all the time. Right?

While we were out we stopped by Meyer's Bageri for some breakfast. My husband opted for the ham and cheese danish, while I satisfied my sweet tooth with a raspberry danish. YUM!!! We were both in heaven with these treats!

Here's to a wonderful matter how soggy and wet it is!