Canadian Tuxedo

Happy weekend everyone! If you're like me you are spending the majority of the day out enjoying this sunshine and warm weather while sneezing your brains out (ugh the allergies are hurting me!). This morning I went for a nice long walk throughout Greenpoint with Chris and Rocko before the neighborhood got too overly crowded on this fine Saturday.

j.crew tee asos sunglasses dog1.JPG
zara denim jacket j.crew tee close up2.JPG

Dressed in my finest denim pairing, don't ya think? I don't think I've worn a Canadian Tuxedo since I have 10 years old...but I kind of love this. I just picked up this denim jacket from Zara the other day. The distressed seams are my favorite part of this piece!

Brooklyn Watertower.JPG

Have a great weekend! Get out there and enjoy the weather...because it's just downhill tomorrow.

Womp womp!