Favorite Skincare Products

Over the last month or two my skincare routine has taken priority in my life. I was recently on some medication that made my skin breakout like crazy...and the normal face wash just wasn't cutting it. Also, I'm getting old. Go ahead, roll your eyes. But on March 20th I'll be 36 (ahhh!!!)...so if I don't start treating my skin with extra care I know I'll just be paying for it later on in life. And who wants to look like they are 60 when they are 40? Not me!

Here are my current favorite skincare items in my medicine cabinet.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Moisturizer in Pink Grapefruit- I love this stuff. I think moisturizer is definitely needed in my beauty routine, but sometimes it can just be a little too greasy. And greasy is the last thing you want when your skin is breaking out. I use this moisturizer in the morning before I put my makeup on and also before I go to bed. Added bonus: it smells so yummy!

Foreo LUNA mini 2 Fuchsia + Day & Night Cleansers- I have never been so happy to purchase a beauty product. I'll be honest, this wasn't exactly cheap. But I had two Sephora gift cards and a Visa gift card so I thought, what the heck! What is so great about this cleansing brush? Not only is it great for every skin type, but it also combines 8,000 T-sonic pulsations per minute. Also, it stays charged for five months at a time and the rubber bristles never need to be replaced (unlike other cleansing brushes where you need to replace the brush heads). I use this every morning and every night and the difference it is making in my skin is remarkable.

Masksheets from Besfren Beauty- I have recently discovered Korean beauty products. Luckily I work super close to Koreatown in Manhattan and I can wander through the amazing little shops in that neighborhood during my lunch break. My all time favorite shop has to be Besfren Beauty. Not only is the shop adorable (if you are in NYC stop on by it's on 32nd Street between Fifth and Madison...closer to Fifth), the people that work there are so very helpful. For someone that doesn't speak/read Korean these beauty products can be kind of intimidating. They also have amazing deals! Every time I have gone I have gotten some serious discounts. If you aren't in NYC, no worries...they have a website you can shop on too! Just click the link above. I use a mask twice a week on my face. I actually ran out of masks for about a week or so and I could seriously feel the difference (and dryness!) in my skin. These products actually make my skin feel years younger.

What are your current favorite skincare products?