Look of the Day- Spring Is In Bloom

Look of the Day

1) Zoe Stud Earrings available at Shabby Apple- $17
2) Legend & Song Dutch Wax Pili Dress available at Anthropologie- $288
3) Mini City Bag available at Zara- $79.90
4) Must-Have Platform Sandals available at Forever 21- $32.80

The sun has been shining, and I'm finally able to shed two or three layers of clothing without freezing. Before you know it spring will be here. I should know...my birthday is the first day of spring (March 20th). 

Nothing screams spring time to me more than dresses. Granted, I wear dresses all the time. Yep, even through the Polar Vortex. But there is something about dresses like the adorable one I have shown here that shows that spring is in bloom. The bright colors, the fabulous bow, the loud print...it's like it is shouting: SPRING IS (almost) HERE!