When Doves Cry

The weekend is here, and so is the warmer weather! It's about time I get outside and enjoy some sunshine! It's only 11am and I have already gone to the gym, wandered around my neighborhood taking photos, went with my husband and dog to the dog park, and hit up the local farmers market. Next on deck, out to lunch.

dress- H&M (but I got it for $10 on sale in the store!)
coat- H&M
belt- H&M
necklace- gift
booties- Urban Outfitters

Yes, I know I have been talking about the weather a lot on here lately...but when you have had the kind of terrible winter we have had here in NYC you are doing either one of two things: complaining about the freezing cold, or bragging about the slightly warmer weather (since when is 50 warm?).

What are your weekend plans? How do you like enjoying the warmer weather (and if it's not warming up by where you are, I apologize for rubbing it in!)?