Springtime in the City

Are you guys ready? Snapshot Fashion is getting back in the habit of posting outfit photos. Every year when winter hits I kind of like to hibernate...but now spring has sprung and I'm getting outdoors to shoot some fun looks!

denim jacket- Zara ,  tank- J.Crew , skirt- Fervour from ModCloth, booties- ASOS,  purse- Urban Outfitters ,  sunglasses- ASOS

denim jacket- Zara, tank- J.Crew, skirt- Fervour from ModCloth, booties- ASOS, purse- Urban Outfitters, sunglasses- ASOS

A cute skirt, pair of fun shoes, some sunglasses, and denim jacket always looks super adorable in my eyes. So simple, yet so perfect. It really is a look anyone can pull off.

modcloth skirt jcrew tank asos booties UO bag2.JPG
zara jacket modcloth skirt jcrew tank asos booties UO bag2.JPG
modcloth skirt asos booties UO bag1.JPG

I actually really, really love this outfit. Sometimes I get so shy about wearing these bold pink metallic booties, but they work so well with this skirt! Even the cashier at Starbucks told me, "your outfit is life." Sometimes I really love the people. Even though they were out of matcha and I left there empty handed, his compliment made my day.

zara jacket modcloth skirt jcrew tank asos booties UO bag3.JPG
modcloth skirt jcrew tank asos booties UO bag1.JPG

Also, that wind is really not my friend when I'm wearing a circle skirt like this. Yikes!

Canadian Tuxedo

Happy weekend everyone! If you're like me you are spending the majority of the day out enjoying this sunshine and warm weather while sneezing your brains out (ugh the allergies are hurting me!). This morning I went for a nice long walk throughout Greenpoint with Chris and Rocko before the neighborhood got too overly crowded on this fine Saturday.

j.crew tee asos sunglasses dog1.JPG
zara denim jacket j.crew tee close up2.JPG

Dressed in my finest denim pairing, don't ya think? I don't think I've worn a Canadian Tuxedo since I have 10 years old...but I kind of love this. I just picked up this denim jacket from Zara the other day. The distressed seams are my favorite part of this piece!

Brooklyn Watertower.JPG

Have a great weekend! Get out there and enjoy the weather...because it's just downhill tomorrow.

Womp womp!

My Experience Going Blonde

Today I finally bit the bullet and had my hair colored blonde! I have been wanting to do this for some time now, but I never had the nerve to go through with it. In the past I wimped out and just did highlights or an ombre (both looks that I loved), but I was now ready to fully commit. My gray/white/clear hair has been growing in so fast that at week three or four between colorings it is so noticeable was really what made me go for it. I'm hoping having lighter hair color will make these hairs less obvious.


This was me all smile beforehand. I was actually so excited and nervous I thought I was going to throw up...

step 1 to blonde.jpg

The first treatment Martha Ellen from Headchop put on my hair was an ammonia free color out system. This made the bleaching process much more gentle on my hair. This went on my hair with a cap and was left on for about 20 minutes or so. She then shampooed it three times and then rinsed it for 10 minutes. The above photo is what my hair ended up looking like afterward that first process was done.

Now we moved on to bleach. She first bleached the middle portion on the hair, then the ends, and then the roots last.

My head was getting toasty warm under those foils.

Looking like I should be in a sci-fi movie...

step 2 to blonde- 4.jpg

As you can see in the image above she put a cap on me and I sat there for what felt like forever. My scalp didn't burn at all for a while (just tingled). I was really worried about how painful this might be. However, I did prep my hair by not washing it for days (I hadn't washed it since Tuesday) as I was told that the oils would protect my hair during this bleaching process. It did start to burn at the last few minutes before it was washed out.

step 3 to blonde- 1.jpg

After the bleach was washed out I was told that I was going to sit in front of the mirror and not to panic at the color because this is not going to be the end result. I mean do you see in the image above just how crazy it looked?!?! Eeeeekkkkkk!!!!

step 3 to blonde- 2.jpg

Next the toner was added. I let that sit for a while and then that was washed out and my hair was styled.


The entire process took almost six hours! But I ended up with this beautiful dark golden (almost strawberry) blonde color. 


I go back in May to get my roots touched up and we might add in some lighter pieces and fine tune the overall look. 


What do you think of my blonde look???

Be sure to stop by my Insta Story to see some videos Martha Ellen did that explain what she was doing to my hair.

Year Round Wardrobe

There is nothing I hate more than hearing how people put away their spring and summer clothing when the temperature starts to decline. Adding layers to looks makes them wearable all year long! Throw on a turtleneck under your sundress. Pop on some tights under your denim shorts. Wear a cardigan over anything! Adding some layers to your looks will help your closet grow without shelling out a ton of cash.

tank top- Madewell, denim shorts- Madewell,  cardigan- Express ,  fleece lined tights- LOFT ,  booties- ASOS , necklace- gift

tank top- Madewell, denim shorts- Madewell, cardigan- Express, fleece lined tights- LOFT, booties- ASOS, necklace- gift

So I know what you're saying, "this outfit looks familiar!" Well, that's because you may remember it from this past summer. I wanted to show you how I transitioned one of my favorite summer looks to be cool weather appropriate.

madewell tank shorts loft tights asos booties express sweater dog 4.JPG

Step 1- Layer over fleece lined tights.

My favorite pair is this one I'm wearing from LOFT. Sometimes fleece lined tights can feel a little bulky. These do not. They feel super slim, yet as warm and comfortable as sweatpants.

madewell tank shorts loft tights asos booties express sweater dog 1.JPG

Step 2- Add your favorite cardigan.

I love wearing thin layers like this. A tissue thin tank top paired with this thin (and ever so soft) cardigan is a perfect combo in my mind. Warm and cozy without being too hot.

madewell tank shorts loft tights asos booties express sweater dog 3.JPG

Step 3- Finish the look with your favorite boot.

I love this look with a casual and slightly edgy bootie. The buckles add a little extra flavor to a very simple look.

Do you ever transition your warm weather looks for cooler temperatures?